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Automated Intelligent Assistant Integration

Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Analyze Plan and Produce Quality Content for Any and ALL Platforms. Get Started Right Now!

Try Risk Free!

Wait! How Would You Like Complete Access to my Entire AI WordPress Automation Stack?

This System took me thousands of hours to develop, and I’m going to show you exactly how to reproduce it, for free. The ONLY things you need are WordPress, Plugins, a Google Account and an OpenAI API Key.

Hosting is as cheap as few dollars a month and the API key is pay for use, but depending on the model can produce very high quality content for just a few pennies because of our modular multi-step system that has full customization for your exact needs. From models to prompts to feedback it’s all up to you.

Why would I give away such a valuable system?

Because I understand what it’s like to start from nothing, be overwhelmed by information and hype. So many things promising quick and easy success, if you just pay $27 for their secrets or software, or service.. There is so much out there, the AI hype is pumping out low quality low value products that are sold almost entirely on hype. But there are some out there that are legit, and the technology in itself is amazing. I’ve been obsessed for some time now

I saw the same thing in the 2003-2007 when the big question was, “Can you really make money on the internet?” That much is obvious now, but the ideas behind succeeding in it never change, only the medium. Before the Internet it was print, sales letters in the Mail, the same language, the same psychology.

The early internet was very much words. Sales letters were long and had to be engaging as all hell to actually capture attention, let alone keep it.

Over the years, things start to change and we adjust from a Word Based internet to a Media Based internet.

Even more recently we’ve had to adjust from a Word / Media Based Search algorithm to a merit / expertise based algorithm.

Technology evolves, but not much else changes, humans still have a short attention span.

They are still driven by the same emotions ambitions and desires.

So while the technology we use and the medium we deliver it on changes, the ultimate power of getting attention, and keeping it, will forever be invaluable, no matter the time or tech or industry. That is really what it took for me to break the barrier online for the first time. Attention!

So let me show you what I’ve learned about all of this. From WordPress to Online Sales to SEO and AI Automation.

I’m going to give you my entire system, for you to use as you please! 100% for Free! It’s on me!

Good Luck with Your Online Success

Shawn Mason

Get Instant Access to Everything (SOON LOL)

I’m going to be real with you, this is not a shortcut anyone promising that is lying. This is some amount of work, but it is front-loaded.

The income thereafter is mostly recurring, so you put in the work today, and it will pay off for years to come. So if you’re ready to learn, and not give up and get distracted, this will be the single most important course you take in your life. If you want to truly understand the nature and trajectory of success online.

Exactly What are You Getting for Free?

  • The Story of my Start online in 2002, up until I quit my job in 2005. The one crucial skill that I had to learn to finally break through and achieve success.
  • The exact system that I’ve used to publish thousands of articles and automate several WordPress Sites, Full Open Source Access with the entire Step by Step Guide to creating a nearly fully autonomous feedback loop (we’re still working on the last few connections)
  • Access to our Members Discord with carefully curated resources and active members to help You with any problem or collaborate on your ideas.
  • Personal Help, From ME! Because I know this system is not easy and technically challenging I am willing to offer you personal help to get through it. With your feedback You can help me improve not only the system and it’s accessibility, but our instructions for setup and troubleshooting.
  • A GoTo Way for you to Setup and Reproduce this exact system so that you can benefit from selling it to your own clients and a Service.